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Diamonds and Gemstones

SWS will always prefer diamonds of the better qualities, however they will search merchants stock to ensure you get the best stone available within your budget. Their diamonds are sourced from merchants who guarantee they have been purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in full compliance of United Nations resolutions.

All diamonds greater than half carat are furnished with GIA certificates, most of which are laser inscribed, or a certificate from a credible diamond grading laboratory. Rod is a certified diamond grader and confirms certificate details as does (lastly) a third party valuer who proudly works within GIA systems and guidelines. SWS does not accept diamonds which have been treated in any way or Type 2 diamonds which have been subjected to high pressure high temperature modification. Confidence in your purchase is assured.

Most people have a little knowledge of the 4 ‘C’s from the internet. When you request a certain size range of diamonds, Rod will show you a selection and talk you through their differing virtues whilst pointing these out using grading techniques. This small amount of time you spend will leave you far better equipped to make a wise purchase. Having a stone which ticks all of the criteria boxes does not necessarily mean it is the best. They all face up differently and sometimes stones present much better than their grade would suggest. The only way to make a wise selection is to look at a range, face up, alongside one another.

Coloured diamonds and the famous pink Australian need no introduction. SWS is quite familiar with the principals of the pink, yellow, champagne and cognac colour grades. They also come in greens and blues, and true quality stones are very rare and very expensive. Black diamonds are less so and are usually heavily treated. But even these have a place and look particularly good as small sets to contrast white smalls in art deco work or contemporary gentleman’s rings.

Gemstones are generally the coloured varieties of crystalline minerals. They can also be colourless. Within the coloured varieties the variation of colour ranges the full spectrum and their dazzling tones are the better for being well cut.

The most popular varieties are ruby and sapphire. Sapphire can be any imaginable colour, not necessarily blue. They have a hardness of 9 making them the second hardest mineral to diamond and are very suitable for mounting in jewellery. Other popular gems are emerald and other beryls ie; aquamarine, while other species of beryl can be green, pink and golden. The hardwearing spinel comes in every colour as does tourmaline and garnet.

Chrysoberyl is also a hard mineral in shades of green and yellow with several exciting variations such as the colour changing alexandrite and the beautifully fine cat’s eye cymophane. Coloured gems are an absolute cornucopia of colour, some even have special optical properties that make them even more exciting and desirous.

Rod’s extensive knowledge of coloured gems is encyclopedic and you will learn some of the quirky characteristics most of these gems have. SWS buys these stones from the best gem merchants in Australia who take pride in providing ethically sourced goods with a superior cut and polish.