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Remodeling and Restoration

Fine jewellery that has sentimental value can be transformed from keepsake to something that is worn on an everyday basis. Similarly, a piece which has lost appeal over time or is simply outdated and consigned to the bottom of your jewellery box can be remodeled into something you will cherish and wear with pride.

The care and personal consultation process taken when SWS craft a piece from scratch is exactly the same when you bring them your jewellery for remodeling.

Often heirloom pieces are bought to them for remodeling. Some are beautifully made by great craftsmen long gone. Some are set with gems that the client is unaware of how significant and important or indeed, how valuable they are. All heirloom pieces SWS sees are carefully examined for both the level of craftsmanship involved and any gemmological significance.

When exceptional pieces are discovered, SWS encourages the client to consider restoration which is often a more cost effective process, whilst preserving the intrinsic value of the item. In these cases it is often a simple matter of having the stone unset and re-polished while the claws are built up or any ring wear is rectified in the workshop.


As part of the restoration process SWS is able to repair and resize most items. Where the piece is too far gone or damaged badly they would recommend either remaking or remodeling.

Everyday repairs might be as simple as removing percussion marks and polishing out a few small scratches. Your claws may be worn and due for either re-tipping or replacement. Rhodium plating on white gold might be worn off or abraded. Over the years your finger size may have changed, you may wish to wear a ring on another finger or you may have difficulty slipping a ring on due to arthritis.

SWS has cost effective solutions to all these problems and will return your piece to you so it can be worn again with confidence and pleasure.